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Welcome to our website. Our goal is to provide affordable quality dentistry, and as such, I'd like to begin by describing my philosophy.

Dentist in Irvine CA, Complete Health Dentistry, providing top quality cosmetic, family, and general dentistry. Dr. Greg Schinnerer Emergency Irvine Dentist.

Many years ago a guest speaker addressed a study club which I belonged to. His message: "Approximately 20% of the population wants the best possible care, regardless of cost. The other 80% are just looking for the best deal they can find. Our job is to reach the desirable 20% and convince them that we are their best choice as dentists".

I looked around at everyone nodding in agreement and thought "this is crazy". As a young dentist just beginning his career I had to budget very carefully. The cost was very important to me. However, this speaker was saying I didn't want patients such as myself and my family. At that point, I decided to follow a different path.

Make no mistake. There is no substitute for quality, regardless of cost. However, I've made it my goal to provide high-quality work at affordable prices. Whenever possible, we waive insurance copayments so that dental work is done at no cost to the patient. When not possible to do so, we can generally find treatment options which do fall within the parameters of your insurance coverage.

In my Irvine, Ca. office, I always try to discuss all options, not merely the most expensive or profitable, and pledge to do my best to keep your cost to a minimum while continuing to provide high-quality dentistry for every patient. Some of our services include:

We don't post patient reviews on our website but welcome you to do a Google search of Greg Schinnerer dds. I believe that you will find excellent reviews on a number of sites.

Respectfully, Greg Schinnerer.

Carol Schinnerer, office manager: Carol has managed the office since we originally opened in 1985, and will generally be your first contact when calling the office. With over 30 years experience, she is our go-to person when dealing with insurance companies, scheduling appointments and answering any questions you may have.

Virginia Snider, chairside assistant: Virginia has been a registered dental assistant and licensed radiologist since 1999. She has been at our office since 2012, and will be assisting on all dental procedures.